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You are on the official website of 123movies 2024. We maintain and make this website convenient and safe for all English-speaking visitors in the world.

Security 123movies

The main security aspects that we, the 123movies team, pay special attention to are:

      1. No personal user data is requested - the service is provided without registration;
      2. The connection between 123movies and users is securely encrypted with an SSL certificate signed SHA-256, which is issued by Google Trust Services LLC;
      3. The site does not store cookie data, so your data cannot be sold to a third party, since we simply do not have it;
      4. The content of the site is regularly checked by Kaspersky server antivirus and at the moment there are no vulnerabilities;
      5. The company has a registration address and feedback, we do not hide and are always open to dialogue.

What to do if your paranoia keeps you awake after visiting 123movies? There is an exit!

The first thing you need to do is stop worrying :) But if this doesn’t help, then we recommend that you install any decent VPN and visit us with maximum protection. You can set your entry point to the Internet in Chile or North Korea to completely confuse the traces of the government, which is watching you and is ready to stop free viewing of films at any second.

If this is not enough for you, you can install one of the following anonymous browsers that guarantee your complete anonymity:

      1. DuckDuckGo Private Browser
      2. Firefox Focus
      3. Mullvad Browser
      4. LibreWolf
      5. Bromite

This is just a small list of anonymous browsers that we have tested in which 123movies displays and works correctly. Enjoy it for your health!

What's on the movie or TV show page

      1. Length of video (movie or episode);
      2. Genre - melodrama, action, detective - all this will be indicated on the page with the video;
      3. Actors playing the main roles;
      4. IMDB rating - user rating of the film;
      5. 123movies rating - rating of the film by users of our service;
      6. Summary of the film or series - no spoilers!!! :);
      7. The ability to watch a movie trailer to see if you want to watch it;
      8. Year of release of the movie;
      9. Director who made this movie;

There is also a button with which you can share your favorite video on social networks with other users.

123Movies app

We have developed and maintain the 123Movies mobile application, which is available for smartphones running Andriod OS. It is very fast and has the following advantages:

  • All films and TV series are free and available without a subscription;
  • Complete absence of advertising messages and blocks - viewing will be as comfortable as possible;
  • Faster video loading speed compared to the website;
  • Regular category updates, large selection. Every day you can watch something new or get acquainted with timeless classics.
  • Simple interface, stylish and concise design of the application for your convenience;
  • If errors and bugs occur, you can always contact the developers directly, and they will fix the problem as quickly as possible;
  • The app takes up minimal space in the file system.

123Movies is a feature-rich app that will appeal to every movie lover who wants to watch their favorite movies and TV series from the comfort of their home.